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Our town benihana-2THE TRIP & Theaterlab present
August 9 – 18, 2018 | Mon – Sat at 8pm

Tickets: $20 HERE

We have some concerns. Matt wonders if the bar’s consumed his life. Jenni really wants a baby. Josh can’t figure out when people got so old. Thomas is desperate to salvage it before it’s gone. Emily keeps dreaming it’s a wrap. And Tom wonders if he’ll ever love again. In equal parts joy and pain—confessing, remembering, and slyly predicting—THE TRIP returns to Theaterlab for an intimate confrontation with our greatest fear as artists: what if this is the last show we ever make?

Writer: The Company

Director: Tom Dugdale
Cast: Joshua Brody, Emily Feldman, Matt MacNelly, Thomas Miller, Tom Dugdale, Jenni Putney

Design by Tom Dugdale
Sound by Nick Drashner
Original music by Maxime Rouquart

Let me cook for you_imageLET ME COOK FOR YOU
Written & Performed by Orietta Crispino
More Details about Upcoming Performances SOON

5 Stars! – Plays to See

“Completely engaging! Visually appealing and theatrically satisfying!  An intelligent piece of theater made by three women.” – Stagebiz

Theaterlab’s Artistic Director Orietta Crispino presents her solo series examining a collage of inherited myths and apocryphal histories, melding the intoxicating act of storytelling with the ritual of preparing food.

Directed by Barbara Rubin
Assistant Director: Liza Cassidy
Costume Design: Sara Baldocchi


Presented as part of Tlab Shares, our guest productions program.
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IMG_1564 (1)MGM + artists present
Directed by Mary Grace McNally
June 15 – 17 | Fri & Sat at 7:30pm & Sun at 3pm
Tickets: $20 HERE

Our work is attempting to find strength inside of a softened, able body. We are interested in how societal ideas of women, the expectations and limitations, have influenced our bodies’ reactions to the space and world around us. We work to reduce the severity of these historical pressures in order to better understand how we, as women, can move forward with change. It is a continuous cultivation of our ‘womanhood.’

Not For Picking will be Mary Grace’s first full evening length production. Over the last five years, her work has been presented at Dixon Place, Dance Gallery Festival, Centre National de la Danse in France, deSingel in Belgium, Young Choreographer’s Festival, NewStepsSeries at Chen Dance Center, Performance Garage in Philadelphia, and Peridance Capezio Center. In 2016, she was announced as ADA’s National Choreographer of the Year. As a dancer, she has performed the works of Erica Sobol, Doug Varone, Netta Yerushalmy, Tommie-Waheed Evans, Katie Swords-Thurman, and Emma Portner.

Cast: Rebecca Corrigan, Emma Lawes, Catie Leasca, Mary Grace McNally, Jordyn Santiago, Gabriella Sibeko, Haley Sung

Slow Field OvationTix Image-04SLOW FIELD
Writer: Stephen Charles Smith

Director: Logan Reed
July 12 – 15, 2018 | Thu – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 5pm

Tix: $15 HERE

One Field*. One Detective from the City. One bunch of Suspicious Locals. And one very still Body. Sounds like…True Crime**. 
Join our Investigative Team as we interrogate what really happened in the clearing at Landon’s Crossing on that dewy winter evening (no) summer morning (well -) spring afternoon (um…) on that day. 

*A very slow field. 
** It’s not True Crime. 


Abby Awe
Harry Bainbridge
Alice Gorelick
Julia Greer
Annie Hoeg
Paul Ketchum
Jon Robin

Alli Trussell

Dramaturg: Elizagrace Madrone
Producer: Sami Pyne
Stage Manager: Kate Pressman
Lighting Designer: Zizi Majid
Set, Projection, and Prop Designer: Izmir Ickbal
Costume Designer: Kelsey Ettman
Sound Designer: Josh Brown

PerfectTeethSquare_TITLERichard Pictures presents
by Daniel McCoy
July 18th – August 12th
Tickets: $20 HERE

Perfect Teeth plays in rep with Dick Pix. Buy a ticket package to both shows HERE.

Kyle and Dylan hooked up several months ago after a few too many drinks. Now they’re meeting for the first time since that night, and an unexpected accusation pits both men against each other in a struggle for dignity, status and control. As the two men find themselves unable, or unwilling, to escape each other’s orbits, they are forced to decide if “what happened” in the past really matters when the present stakes are high enough.

Cast: Maxwell Eddy* and Jose Joaquin Perez*

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Writer: Daniel McCoy
Director: David Hilder 

Stage Manager: Phoebe Duncan
Creative Producer: Erin Cronican
Production Manager: Lauren Parrish
Company/House Manager: Sarah Livant 
Lighting Designer: Cecilia Durbin
Sound Designer: Emily Auciello
Costume Designer: Liam O’Brien
Scenic/Props Designer: Sarah Pencheff 
Casting: Judy Bowman, CSA
Press Representative: Andrea Alton / Alton PR

DickPixSquare_TITLERichard Pictures presents
Dick Pix
by Daniel McCoy
July 19th – August 11th
Tickets: $2HERE

Dick Pix plays in rep with Perfect Teeth. Buy a ticket package to both showsHERE.

Calvin is a photographer and self-proclaimed provocateur in desperate need of an idea for his next installation. Grace, his girlfriend and publicist, and Fin, his best friend and art dealer, are turning up the heat as the deadline approaches. Meanwhile, two eponymous Art Handlers begin to complicate the situation when they become the target of Grace’s unwanted attention. Mrs. Marbleblatt, a widowed patron of the arts, further queers the equation when she takes a prurient interest in Calvin’s work. Ambitions and visions collide in a satirical comedy about identity, harassment, and narcissism in the age of social media.

Cast: Kate Abbruzzese*, June Ballinger*, David Gelles*, Erinn Holmes*, Bruce Jones and Lynne Marie Rosenberg*

Writer: Daniel McCoy
Director: Heidi Handelsman
Stage Manager: Christopher Denver
Creative Producer: Erin Cronican
Production Manager: Lauren Parrish
Company/House Manager: Sarah Livant
Lighting Designer: Cecilia Durbin
Sound Designer: Emily Auciello
Costume Designer: Liam O’Brien
Scenic/Props Designer: Sarah Pencheff
Production Designers: Alexandra Kelly Colburn and Mark Costello
Movement Director: Wendy Seyb 
Casting: Telsey + Company / Destiny Lilly
Press Representative: Andrea Alton / Alton PR

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association. 



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