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Thursday | September 7 | 6:30pm-9:30pm
Tickets: $25 | $50 | $75 | $100
Tickets on sale August 10th

Theaterlab has a 12-year history of presenting innovative and international theater and performance art on stage.Some of the artists include Nicole Renaud (France), Reut Shemesh (Germany), Linda Olthof (The Netherlands), Carolina Fonseca (Portugal), Jacques Perdigues, Pierre Kaufmann, Karine Laval (France), Chi Nguyen (Vietnam), Yuri Lemeshev (Russia), Yasna Voices (Bulgaria), and Teatro Deluxe (Italy) as well as American artists and companies including The TRIP, Traumaturgy Productions, DODO, DAMN! Film Series and many more.

We celebrate our past and pierce into our future with a celebratory evening of delicious food, wonderful artists and a sneak peek at our upcoming Fall season EAT YOUR HEART OUT, which celebrates the ephemeral cycle of performance that echoes itself with each iteration, and feeds us something different each time. After all, you can’t eat the same apple twice.

Celebration Committee
Orietta Crispino
Gahlia Eden
Elizabeth Hess
Megan Metrikin
Jolene Noelle
Lanie Zipoy

All proceeds benefit Theaterlab and its upcoming season.

DAMN_logo200x180DAMN! Film Series
DAMN! Film Series enters its third season with a new slate of outstanding short films. See its first two programs in August. One hour each.

The series will return in September and October for the remainder of the series.



Program 1 – 6:30pm – MONDAY, AUGUST 21st
Tickets: $7 (including fees) HERE
American Deportation | USA | 4 min
Anchovies | USA | 16 min, 59 sec
Float | USA | 9 min, 48 sec
Older Than What? | Canada | 12 min, 46 sec
Perceptions | Canada | 8 minutes

Program 2 – 8:30pm – MONDAY, AUGUST 21st
Tickets: $7 (including fees) HERE
Battleground | USA | 4 min, 30 sec
Domesticity | USA | 4 min, 36 sec
Muscle | USA | 13 min, 56 sec
Restricted Diet | USA | 7 min, 14 sec
With You For Life | USA | 4 min, 55 sec

Program 3 – 6:15pm – TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th
Tickets: $7 (including fees) HERE
Arm Bar | USA | 10 min, 40 sec
Bruce Loves You
| USA | 9 min
| USA | 13 min, 48 sec
| USA | 14 min, 52 sec
These Wild Things
| USA | 9 min, 7 sec

Program 4 – 8:00 pm – TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th
Tickets: $7 (including fees) HERE
Bite | USA | 6 min, 5 sec
Help. | USA | 5 min, 44 sec
Neon Dream | Mexico | 10 min, 55 sec
Orgullo | USA | 17 min, 45 sec
One Minute of Resistance | UK | 1 min | Documentary
Y.K.AN. | Cyprus | 14 min, 56 sec

Gallery Solo Series presents
The Audit
Written & Performed by Gabrielle Schutz
September 15 & 16 at 8pm.

Gabrielle will be presenting the first version of her newest piece, The Audit, in our Gallery space on September 15th & 16th at 8pm. We’re happy to have Gabrielle back at Theaterlab – she presented her solo piece “Unsex Me Here” during our 2016 Solo Sunday Showcase. 

Tickets to The Audit are available here.

Gabrielle Schutz


The Audit explores the personal narratives implied by digital data, taking the intangible records of our technological lives and making it an urgent, public event. This solo performance takes a bold leap into a future in which nothing is left to the imagination and everything can be quantified.  

The Gallery Solo Series provides artists with the most valuable element of production: space to perform! The Gallery Solo Series presents a unique opportunity for artists to test new work by presenting to limited audiences in an intimate setting. The Gallery Solo Series is designed for solo artists interested in exploring new artistic territory in front of small audiences of 15 – 20 people in our unique white box Gallery space.

More information on the Gallery Solo Series can be found here: Gallery Solo Series Description


Presented as part of Tlab Shares, our guest productions program.

TlabShares Logo



Written by Brad Baron
August 17 – 20 | Thu – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm
Tickets: HERE


Climb inside Aaron’s head where all his memories are shuffled like songs in a playlist. Dance through these memories as he reflects on his rocky romance with Wes and searches for the right words to say.

Told in a series of non-chronological vignettes that scan memories both real and invented, Last Ditch Playlist is a modern mixtape eulogizing love lost and found.

Aaron: Brad Baron
Wes: Ross McCorkell
Zara/Lexi: Amy Stringer
Kellan/Willie: Dontonio Demarco
Choreographer: Casey Bagnall
Graphic Design: Sarah Cuneo
Lighting Design: James Johnson

Music and Sound Design: Jason Pomerantz
Video Design: Joseph Prestamo


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