MINIFEST is an afternoon of short works and other small surprises presented in a quintessentially Theaterlab-style.

For an afternoon, MINIFEST takes over the full loft to take a close look at short performances. We meet together for a loose-knit day of tiny delights filled with miniature versions our signature-style snacks and socializing. MINIFEST provides the chance to isolate segments of work, peer at them closely, and reframe our perspectives by magnifying the miniature.


Our first MINIFEST was held on Sunday, March 8 and included work ranging from clown to dance to performance art. Featured artists included:

Liza Cassidy and Orietta Crispino: This Will Look Good On Youpiano

Jed Distler: Bashing Beethoven (for solo toy piano)look

Bryn Hlava: she called me Linda

Michaela Lind: My Birthday

Jack Meriwether: Young girls they do get weary/ Wearing that same old shaggy dress (Dancing Queen)


Kat Moore: Patron Saints of Hysterical Haircuts

Jolene Noelle: So the Witch Won’t Eat Me

Maria Scarpini: Pizzinni

Jonathan Silver: The Amazing Simon

Lanie Zipoy: 17 Things I Wish I Could Tell You Since You Died