Impermanence logo 4x4good[im]permanence at Theaterlab

Since 2016, Theaterlab and our Artistic Director Orietta Crispino have transformed our home on the third floor of 357 W. 36th Street into a vibrant hub of artistic activity, where meaningful encounters are woven between artists and audiences, and where international artists form connections with New York collaborators. While the stark beauty of our Loft creates fertile ground for experimental new work, the uncluttered elegance of our white box spaces can also belie the mess and struggle that it takes to construct a lasting artistic home.

In the [im]permanence series, Theaterlab celebrates the untidy and unpredictable process of becoming a more permanent fixture in space. We invite an action painter to perform a live painting on the gates on the street level of our 357 36th Street home, adding a new layer to our history.

Interested action painters should email Program Director Jolene Noelle at theaterlab36@gmail.com to inquire.


On May 05, 2018, action painter Naoki Iwakawa painted our gates in the pouring rain. Afterward, a delighted crowd joined us for drinks, snacks, and music from DJ Tek in our Gallery space.

Naoki Iwakawa was born in Osaka, Japan. He moved to the States in 1991. In 1996, he founded The Cave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Shige Moriya and became an artist-in-residence there. His work has been shown at OK Harris, Art Gotham, 450 Broadway Gallery and Cast Iron Gallery, in NYC. He was voted best action painter by The Village Voice. Naoki is also the master sushi chef at the excellent Japanese restaurant, GEN in Brooklyn. In his work Iwakawa brings to fruition a rare sensibility capable of merging the chaotic and Dionysian quality of experience with the meditative quality of action. 

DJ Tek is an experienced Brooklyn vinyl DJ who started learning his craft at the age of 14. He moved to Tokyo after high school where he was resident DJ at club Family. In 2004, he moved to New York where he started to DJ the Monday open turntable nights at Five Spot. He’s opened for DJs such as Large Professor and has been the resident DJ for the Japanese event crew Odoru.