Wildwood Flowers

US Premiere of
by Reut Shemesh
September 2015

“a gripping, edgy, and evocative movement piece” – Stagebuddy.com

it’s kind of strange but…. sometimes I just want to be you  

Wildwood Flowers received its world premiere in Cologne in February 2015. Shemesh recast and recreated the piece with New York-based dancers: Verina Kranak, Jessica McCarthy, Maya Orchin and Schuyler Whittemore. She spent two-and-half weeks rehearsing the piece and then presented the US premiere production.

Wearing a mask–the action of covering/hiding the face–is the core of this movement piece. The figures form and re-form constructed identities through the use of white masks created by Mona Kakanj.  Wildwood Flowers delves into the notion whether self (re)invention is possible. Do we simply obey norms deeply rooted in our education and socialization? Is being ourselves only a collection of conditions and experiences or are we able to tap into something deeper? Through this process of unveiling, Wildwood Flowers explores identity in its multitude of forms: gender, race, age, social.

Wildwood Flowers 37
Reut Shemesh (right) chats with fans post performance.

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