Three Sisters Come And Go

Conceived & Directed by Orietta Crispino
Dramaturgy by Marco Casazza
Cast: Liza Cassidy, Claire Helene & Jackie Lowe
Costume Design: Sara Baldocchi-Byrne

THREE SISTERS COME AND GO follows the lives of the three archetypal women of Chekhov’s plays read through the lens of Beckett’s comic take on the existential dilemma, and Julia Kristeva’s insight regarding the transformation of despair and loss into joy and acceptance. Bound to living together, each of the sisters is comically obsessed with being the most unhappy of the group.

“The sisters play the game of theater finding a future in the present of the stage,” explains director Orietta Crispino. “After all, there is life beyond despair.”

“The best abstraction of all the things that make Chekhov’s plays so marvelous that I’ve ever seen.”


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