Snow in the Living Room

Theaterlab presents

Written & Directed by Orietta Crispino
Translated & Adapted by Marco Casazza
Performed by Liza Cassidy & Orietta Crispino
Scenic Design by Vibeke Jensen
Costume Design by Sara Baldocchi Byrne
Sound Design by David Margolin Lawson
November 6 – 23, 2014

“I can’t escape my Shadow…”

“Not only erotic but thought provoking”
Times Square Chronicle
In Snow in the Living Room, Orietta Crispino presents a visually striking and poetically sensual distillation of the classic Snow White fairy tale. Inert in her crystal coffin, Bianca finds that her liberation will never come from a redeemer outside herself; instead, she must acknowledge her own fractured soul and accept death as a facet of what it means to be fully human. Echoing the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Snow in the Living Room exists in the interstitial space between body and self. It is a dynamic story of fear and desire, told through splintered mirror images and complex soundscapes.

Snow in the Living Room, written by Orietta Crispino as a poetic monodrama in Italian, has been adapted and translated into English by Marco Casazza. Crispino will direct Liza Cassidy (Patricia Wilson’s zia dance Company, Three Sisters Come and Go) and herself on a set installation created by Norwegian visual artist Vibeke Jensen.




Snow in the Living Room is from the same team that brought Three Sisters Come and Go, which was set between the apparently opposite poles of Chekhov and Beckett through the lens of French philosopher Julia Kristeva. raved that the piece is “quite possibly the best abstraction of all the things that make Chekhov’s plays so marvelous that I’ve ever seen.”





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