Round the Block

Round the Block: Celebrating arts and community in the Garment District

roundThe Blocklayers_bigyellowAs the Garment District continues to grow as a busy and vibrant home to new arts venues and businesses, Theaterlab has been seeking out creative ways to connect more with our neighbors. Round the Block is an event designed to build connections and create community through experience art together on our block.

Round the Block! is a promenade-style performance event where audiences travel around the Garment District to see short pieces of music, theater, and visual art. The event is a chance to gather together, to get to know each other as neighbors, and to make a place for ourselves in our growing neighborhood.


The first Round the Block! will be held FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13. Audiences began the journey on a rolling basis, with entry times at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 PM.

Partner venues for this edition of Round the Block included:

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Chashama supports artists by partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate into space to create and present, and provides free art classes for under-resourced communities. Hector Canonge performed “Smoke Gets in the Eyes,” as an extension of the Progressive Transition performance series, supported by a NYSCA grant at the 266 W. 37th Street location.

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The MIDOMA Salon was established to provide an inspirational environment which unites the creativity of hair design, the appreciation of fine art and unique fashion. MIDOMA is where you will experience the art of beauty and the beauty of art. Midoma featured the artwork of Jen Ramos.


The Tank is a home for emerging artists on the block –with theater, music, dance, storytelling, comedy and film (you name it) happening every night of the week. Audiences stopped in at The Tank for mulled wine and a cabaret performance by some of the Tank’s favorite artists.

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Theaterlab is an artistic laboratory dedicated to research into the nature of live performance. Theaterlab featured Theatre In The Dark: Winter Solstice, a multi-sensory examination of our holiday traditions that takes place entirely in the dark. Smell, taste, and touch your way through winter solstices past and present. Choreograph the Dance of Peppermint. Conceived and Created by This Is Not A Theatre Company.

Also at Theaterlab: Nicole Renaud

Round the Block hosts included: Reno, Liza Cassidy, Orietta Crispino, Christine Renee Miller