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Conceived & Directed by Orietta Crispino
Dramaturgy by Marco Casazza
Cast: Liza Cassidy, Claire Helene & Jackie Lowe
Costume Design: Sara Baldocchi-Byrne

THREE SISTERS COME AND GO follows the lives of the three archetypal women of Chekhov’s plays read through the lens of Beckett’s comic take on the existential dilemma, and Julia Kristeva’s insight regarding the transformation of despair and loss into joy and acceptance. Bound to living together, each of the sisters is comically obsessed with being the most unhappy of the group.

“The sisters play the game of theater finding a future in the present of the stage,” explains director Orietta Crispino. “After all, there is life beyond despair.”

“The best abstraction of all the things that make Chekhov’s plays so marvelous that I’ve ever seen.”

Watch the Three Sisters Come and Go video here.







New York Premiere

Theaterlab welcomed the return of Jacques Perdigues (Heart-Wommmen-3). He will present French POV #1-Body, a recurring collective exhibition of visual art and performance by French artists living in New York City and Paris.

The first group show is centered on multi-faceted inspirations and viewpoints evoked by the human body.


Guest artists Karine Laval and PierrFPOV_2e Kauffmann join Perdigues in presenting new works, which include paintings, photography, videos and a live performance.

The show took place over Theaterlab’s space, transforming it into an ephemeral gallery.

This recurring show, in partnership with Theaterlab, will create a cross-continental bridge between French and American artists, free to exhibit on their own terms outside of traditional establishments.


Exhibition: March 10 & 11 | 12pm – 10pm
Opening Reception: March 10 at 6:30pm
Performance: March 10 at 8:30pm






nicole renaud
A multimedia performance

French singer and accordionist, Nicole Renaud, will perform songs from her new album “Couleurs”, a love story seen though colors.

Nicole accompanies herself on her new one-of-a-kind luminous transparent accordion, the lincordian, designed by British artist-engineer Paul Etienne Lincoln.


The U.S. Premiere of
Jacques Perdigues’s multidisciplinary piece featuring painting, video and theater

Jacques Perdigues_Heart 1

HW3 is a voyage into the core of words, emotions and the body — a voyage into the universe and time. The piece is ultimately an exploration of the heart from all sides, dimensions and scales, in order to re-establish the heart as an emotional and physical center, as an engine to all actions and as a pillar to all sentient life.

Based on Femmme by playwright and screenwriter Christian Rullier, HW3 is the raw, poetic perspective of a man through the eyes of a woman, exposing the genesis, the mother, the culture, three childhoods, the fusion, the feeling of being in love, while trapped by the enclavement of the body.

HW3 is conceived and directed by Jacques Perdigues, recently a collaborator of French soprano-accordionist Nicole Renaud in New York City, from text by Christian Rullier. The piece was performed by Nanette Stanley, Julia Wilkins and Jacques Perdigues.

“For the 55 minutes, you will be taken into the inner places and journey different chambers till you begin to understand yourself what makes your own heart tick.” — Art Fuse


DANCE PARTY AT THEATERLAB with food and drink!
To Celebrate
Italy’s most adventurous theater company

Come meet the artists of MOTUS
with DJ Silvia Calderoni from MOTUS
(following their Public Theater/Under the Radar Festival performance)





2182710pore1Theaterlab Presents the World Premiere of
Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca
Created & Choreographed by Carolina Fonseca
With Video by Tiago Mata Angelino & Music by Sinan Gündogdu

Federico Garcia Lorca was a student at Columbia University in 1929-30 when he wrote Poet in New York, a collection of poems inspired by New York City. Eighty years later, Gypsy Duende dancer Carolina Fonseca of Portugal has created her latest dance piece – a cohesive mix of Gypsy and Flamenco styles — as a tribute to Garcia Lorca’s astonishing, yet caustic work and a testament to her own experiences as a foreign artist living in New York City.

A Poet in New York, An Homage to Garcia Lorca explores the idea of what is to be a poet as well as what it is like being the poem. The piece delves into Garcia’s life in New York and the rhythms, phrases, and the heartbeat of his poetry. Fonseca’s work also confronts the velocity of life in the Big Apple, the whirlwind of people, images, and ideas. And once again asks what is the connection between the art and the artist.

The creative team includes Sara Baldocchi Byrne (scenic and costume design), Sinan Gündogdu (original music) and Tiago Mata Angelino (video installation).

notmadeinitaly200x136NOT — Made in Italy
A series celebrating mid-career Italian artists living and working in New York City

Theaterlab presents NOT — Made in Italy, a series celebrating mid-career Italian artists living in New York City. Their mediums are diverse: visual arts, theater, dance — but their commonality is having chosen displacement in the middle of their lives, leaving everything behind (language, known places, defined identity) in search for a new sense of self. What we know as “Made in Italy”, the artistry and creativity, its style and culture, appears in the work of these artists re-crafted and amplified through the embracing of another place, another culture.

Artists include Silvia Brodi, Francesco Vizzini, Stebos and Borinquen Gallo.


Party & Fundraiser to Support the Inaugural Gilder/Coigney International Award Recipient
Odile Gakire Katese
July 18, 2011

She’s Got the Beat, Yeah! featured performances by violist Maryam Blacksher, clown Kendall Cornell, avant-performance artist Karine Fleurima and musician Camila Cano, and The Renegade Cabaret as well as readings of Ms. Katese’s poetry by Dominique Morisseau and Amelia Workman.

Odile Gakire Katese was the inaugural recipient of the League of Professional Theatre Women’s Rosamond Gilder/Martha Coigney International Award, named after two leading women in the international theatre community. Ms. Katese was honored at a ceremony to be held Monday, October 17, 2011 at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center at the CUNY Graduate Center, located at 365 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.







Three World Premieres by Linda Olthof
Plus Movement Workshops
2008 – 2009 – 2010






Dutch movement theater artist and professor Linda Olthof developed three new pieces — one each summer for three years — at Theaterlab. She presented the new work to audiences and then taught public movement theater workshops.








598381_10151305066072661_284818529_n3.18: Opening Party

Theaterlab Opening Party!
Monday, March 18
Free Event
RSVP our facebook event here
Please join us in celebrating our new home and our 7th year serving the experimental theater community!

Drinks & Light Fare
Theaterlab presents the US Premiere of
By Teatro Deluxe

Conceived for these New York dates, FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME is a performative project, a multimedia study that relates a live performance with pre-existing video (produced by Teatro Deluxe in 2009) named FEMINEA – FIRST ANIMATION. The inspiration for this work comes from the first phase of the FEMINEA project (the video itself and photographic series that gave origin to it) and the discussions it stimulated, even beyond the authorial intentions. FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME offers a study of the relationship among different media (video-photo-body) and an invitation to ponder the identity of the contemporary body.

The first frame, then, is white. It’s tabula rasa like the mind of a newborn, a new life that has nothing but instinct, which is essential to the body to overcome its limitations. The beginning of life is characterized by unconscious gesture; this project transports the audience to that part of their own lives that they don’t remember, characterized as collective non-memory, although the body of each of us retains memory, more or less. FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME queries the body of a newborn, trying to re-locate the sense and the route to reach the self-consciousness. It is, therefore, a search as well as an attempt to analyze the way in which the living being becomes conscious of existing.

FEMINEA – WHITE FRAME was conceived by Claudio Oliva and Vera Michela Suprani and features Vera Michela Suprani and musician Alessandro Oliva under the direction of Claudio Oliva.

Workshop & Performance Directed by Helen E. Richardson & Natasha Lee Martin

How do you create a toolkit for revolution? We need techniques to effectively dramatize our message in a creative, inspirational way into the American Spring. Beginning with a survey on the history of political street theater and using the techniques of Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil, Helen E. Richardson** will lead a workshop based upon the theme: “How the 99% Keeps the 1% in Business.” We all know that in this inter-connected world that we live in we are all (especially as Americans) supporting an unjust and repressive system. Attendees will begin by working with traditional Balinese masks in the creation of various Commedia style scenarios to develop a relevant contemporary theatrical language that can be used at protests. Participants are asked to wear black pants or legging and a white long-sleeved T-shit. The goal of the workshop is to create a short scenario as part of Occupy Wall Street’s May 1st call for a general strike, that supports the “day without the 99%”, towards effective political action.

Helen E. Richardson, Ph.D.- Program Head, MA in Theater History and Criticism Associate Professor of Theater, Artistic Director, Global Theatre Ensemble, Department of Theater, Brooklyn College

Natasha Lee Martin holds an MFA in Performance Pedagogy, and has enjoyed performing and teaching for the past 15 years. She is a Guest Artist / Asst professor of Performing Arts and Digital Media and has lectured and developed courses at Rutgers College.

Sunday, April 14, 2013 7pm

Hosted by Theaterlab, Forward Flux presents collaborate:create, a three-week residency that brings together artists across disciplines to develop raw, unfiltered art that meditates on one common theme. The process culminates in a one-evening exhibition open to the public. Visit to sign up for more info.


Voices---Holly---Poster---11x14VOICES INSIDE/OUT: A Theaterlab sponsored event
April 1st, 7:30 @ SOHO PLAYHOUSE
Tickets: $10-$50 at OvationTix or call 866-811-4111

Theaterlab is proud to support VOICES INSIDE/OUT, a benefit reading of short inmate-authored plays hosted by New York literary legend Jonathan Ames at the historic Off-Broadway venue Soho Playhouse.

The plays were written in the groundbreaking prison playwriting program at Northpoint Training Center in Burgin, Kentucky last summer. All proceeds benefit the playwriting program and residency at Northpoint. Each summer VOICES INSIDE/OUT sends a professional playwright to teach master classes at the prison. Mac Rogers and Holly Hepp-Galván (pictured) were the first two playwrights-in-residence. The 2013 playwright-in-residence will be announced at the event.

The stellar line-up of short plays ranges from comedy (what happens when cookies are banned from the prison’s chowhall) to the personal (one inmate’s 63-month stay in solitary confinement). Come and find out that imagination has no barriers.



What is it, about the art of acting, that touches us so deeply? It is, after all, an inherent deceit, in which the actor convinces us that they are someone else. What is the discourse between who we are and what we do? Why is that distance so compelling and moving within the self?

The experimental piece employs a special technique called ‘Jazz Acting,’ which draws from Meyerhold’s Biomechanical etudes and applies them to a contemporary sensibility of radical discontinuity, repetition, and cognitive velocity.

Appearance: A Suspense in Being featured Jeanine T. Abraham, Joy Lynn Andersen, Liza Cassidy and Orietta Crispino.


By Jef Johnson

Featuring Jef Johnson, renowned principal clown of Slava’s Snowshow in a solo performance. Live Sound by Keith Rubenstein, Live Visuals by Brian A. Berhard.




Carolina Morais Fonseca
Flamenco & Gypsy Duende Workshops

September 24 through November 14
Weekend workshops in Indian Gypsy Duende, Transylvania Groove Gypsy Duende, Balkan and Turkish Gypsy Duende, plus Friday night open Duende Classes.



Theaterlab’s 5th birthday party!
Come celebrate with us!

Sunday, October 24, 2010   –    6-9 PM
MC’d by the fabulous comedian/activist – RENO!

Drink – Food – Music – Entertainment – Very Cool Silent Auction!

Please join Theaterlab in its vital contribution to keeping emerging arts alive in New York City by attending our benefit fundraiser on October 24th or by making a tax-deductible donation.




DETTE GLASHOUWER in an evening of two solo pieces
January 6 & 7 at 8pm; January 8 at 2pm

a lusty one-woman-show

A performance about the most everyday subject one can imagine, but for many it remains a mystery. Everybody wants more, but is there such a place as the Point of Enough and how does that feel? A brief history of the legal tender and complementary money, the difference between men and women and their relationship towards money, the Spirit of Desire and the happiest income and how it all impacts the earth in 35 minutes.

‘Can I kiss your hand, it was totally to the point tonight’
‘The show made me cry’
‘Never knew money could be so sexy’

Money and Enough won the Mediamatic-award in Amsterdam, and is funded by DOEN Foundation and The Eric Brassem exchange certificate.

An overwhelming one woman show about Bach, Barbie and the Holy Ghost …

‘In our family we did not need beauty, we had Jesus’… a story about religious confusion, emotional loyalty and unavailable love. How to free yourself while longing for surrender.

‘Unique how you create intimacy while exploring it’ (Berkeley)
‘You are giving me so much permission, thank you so much’ (San Francisco)
‘So touching. It takes guts to do this’ (Philadelphia)
‘Hilarious how Barbie can set you free’ (New York)