Theaterlab Presents…

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Through Theaterlab’s presenting program, we feature select productions exemplary of Theaterlab’s mission and created by Theaterlab’s closest collaborators.

Recent Theaterlab Presents… productions include:

Let Me Cook For You by Orietta Crispino; A My Name Is… by Stefanie Nelson dancegroup; Sunset Park by Traumaturgy Productions; Carthage/Cartagena by Signdance Collective; A Held Posture by Hyung Seok Jeon (Underwater New York); Such Nice Shoes by Christine Renee Miller; Finding Fellini by Megan Metrikin; Wild Child in the City by Tjasa Ferme; True Believer by Asa Merritt; French POV #1 by Jacques Perdigues; Orpheus & Eurydice by The Trip.