bp-theaterTheaterLab_Theater60-seat, signature white box, modular performance space with flexible audience seating. Accommodates a wide range of creative projects for theatre, readings, performance, video and photography, as well as classes and events. Rates and packages may vary based on type of booking, so please call to inquire.

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General Specs:
31 x 31 feet
12 x 9 Wall-mounted projection screen
Digital Projector
Lighting grid
Sound system
Dressing Room

Basic Rates: (3hr minimum)
Theater Rehearsal: $40/ hr
Classes: $45/ hr
Photo: $50/ hr
Meetings: $75/ hr
Film Shoot: $100/hr and up
Film Shoot Day Rate (10 hours): $900 and up
Readings 4hr (Mon-Wed): $250
(Thurs-Sun): $350

Seminars are considered Events;
Inquire about our event packages today!

Non-Exclusive Rental:
First Week, including load-in, 16hrs of rehearsal, 10hrs of tech, and 4 performances: $2650/ week
Additional Performance Weeks: $2000/week

Exclusive Rental:
$3500/week (for 1-3 weeks)
$3200/week (for 4+ weeks)
Includes: 5-7 shows per week
Theater access from 10am-10pm

Elevator Access
Free Wifi


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Theater Space Photos

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