Solo Sunday Showcase



 Our first Solo Sunday Showcase was held

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Featuring 10-15 minute excerpts from solo pieces by:

Cowperthwait HeadshotJamie Cowperthwait Sex and The 1 Percent
In this excerpt from “Sex and the 1 Percent,” Jamie wonders whether the hardcore pornography he read nightly as a child has any bearing on his current fear of intimacy.


SKIN ImageHope Singsen SKIN
Two things threaten Marais’ dissertation on Virginia Woolf: her hot new girlfriend—and her own dark past. When confronted by echoes of sexual trauma in Woolf’s work, Marais races to write her herself into a happier future. She commits body and soul to secure a love greater than any she’s known before. But after you learn to guard against life, can you open up again?

Seoul for Sale in NYC PicAhrum Claiborne Seoul for Sale in NYC
An autobiographical story about her journey from Seoul Korea to NYC during the Golden Age of Hip Hop in the 1980’s. Young Ahrum meets some interesting characters while living in the Bronx. For her elementary graduation gift, Eomma (mom) teaches her the fundamental steps of becoming a survival machine as a pre-pubescent street hustler at the age of 11.

Elizabeth Hess-5289Elizabeth Hess An Old Habit
AN OLD HABIT is the first fable in a series of ten performative prose-poems, collectively called SCARBERIA. They are loosely based on The Decalogue (The Ten Commandments). The first piece focuses on the commandment; “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” All ten fables are based on the real events of neighbors living on the same block in 1950’s North American suburbia. These are dark, urban tales that are timeless in their examination of the human spirit – it’s insistence on twisting and turning and doing what it must to be expressed, or repressed. Unlike the original Ten Commandments, there are no set rules for right and wrong, just a framework to uncover the workings of the soul.

LauraAdamLaura Adam HO OH OH HO
An episode from a larger piece whose working title is ‘Something for Nothing’, and with musical interludes, HO OH OH HO explores the absurdity and darkness of the imprisoned mindset of addiction, it’s trials, game playing, back stabbing and resolves… but leads us into a meadow of chirping birds, (the light) when the culprit substance is laid bare and reduced to its simplest, impotent state- a mere symbol on the periodic table.

dannieshotGabrielle Schutz Unsex Me Here
Unsex Me Here takes us inside the brain of a small woman trying to inhabit the larger-than-life archetype of American masculinity. Mashing up iconic male-driven texts from pop culture with clowning, fetish and childish imitation, we watch Her try and find the power of Him. 

Eric Lockley HeadshotEric Lockley Asking For More
Learning about nutrition & fitness suddenly throws, “know-it all” Kalen Carter for a loop. His relationship with food becomes uniquely haunting and ominous as he realizes that the eating and exercise habits of his community may be killing them. While encountering a bunch of zany characters, Kalen declares war against soulfood, fast food and complacency, but in the midst of the battle he may discover he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

MLevy_headichelle Levy Before Poland (Achelachl)
Before Poland (Achelachl) begins a quest prompted by a haunting, weaving oral history, speculative research, heirlooms, dreams, achelachl, and fantasy together in an attempt to reconcile voids in the artist’s maternal ancestry. Explored through letters to an imagined daughter, Levy asks, what can we reconstruct from the relics of lost history?

ValerieHagerValerie Hager The Gap
The Gap is a solo piece in development about meeting my inner child in the most unexpected place and facing the choices I have made in order to find a way back to reality and forgiveness.