True Believer POSTER_140521_A-2Violet Umbrella Productions presents…
By Asa Merritt
Directed by Joshua K. Brody
Starring Kersti Bryan

June 26 – 30, 2014 | Gallery

The struggling poet’s quest for meaning leads her into the underworld  of radical politics. True Believer explores the price of justice and the undeniable passion of youth. “If you’re not mad, you’re not paying attention.

For more information, visit www.truebelievertheplay.com.



Alive Worldwide Productions presents the world premiere of
Created by Jamie Roach & Catherine Hanna

June 26 – 28, 2014 | Theater

Alive Worldwide Productions, a new company devoted to projects that create opportunities for human connection through creativity, is thrilled to announce the world premiere of THE CITY. THE CITY, created by Jamie Roach and Catherine Hanna, is an immersive performance experience following two New Yorkers through a day that will change the course of their lives. The performance features realistic and abstract scenes as well as interactive audience engagement to explore how New Yorkers connect and disconnect in the city. Enhanced by film, dance, original music, poetry, beat-box, photography, and shadow/light design, the audience will explore the possibilities of connectivity.



Impossible Bottle presents

March 27 – 29, 2014 | Theater

In a future dystopia, one company has discovered how to create programmable synthetic humans, and its two chief scientists are using the technology for their own ends. One repeatedly tries to clone his brain-dead son while living with his living failures; the other mysteriously decides to design a synthetic husband. These humans, non-humans and not-quite-humans experiment on each other with passion and cruelty as they try to draw and erase the boundaries between them.

The Impossible Bottle Theatre Company is a fiercely collaborative ensemble that sifts through the cultural sediment of our time. We construct our plays through a continually revised process grounded in research, structured improv, free form writing, and moxie. By weaving together our varied perspectives, we create textured worlds that illuminate the weirdness of our own. (www.impossiblebottle.org)

Written by Impossible Bottle
Head writer: Julia Hollema
Writers: Devin Kain, Will Manning, Emma Myers, Jonathan Payne, Peter Stray, Darius Stone and Stephanie Vella
Directed by Stephanie Vella With Valerie Feingold, Julia Holleman, Scott Janes, Devin Kain, Emma Myers, Jonathan Payne, Darius Stone and Marcus Watson


The Happy Few Theatre Company presents
Directed by Ellen Adair & Eric Gilde
Nominated for Outstanding Revival of a Play & Outstanding Ensemble (New York Innovative Theatre Awards)

April 10 – 27, 2014 | Theater

Set in a contemporary world, this production takes a fun, fresh look at Shakespeare’s timeless comedy about love, transformation and the roles we play. Rosalind, the daughter of an exiled Duke, falls in love with Orlando, who is downtrodden by his elder brother. The two separately flee the watchful world of the court, seeking refuge in the Forest of Arden. But when Rosalind, now dressed as a man to protect herself and her cousin Celia, bumps into Orlando, their courtship becomes a game that subverts traditional romance. An ensemble of seven actors explores this vibrant story of power, freedom, rural and urban communities and intersecting sets of lovers—with more than one gender-bending twist! The production uses video and live original music, both to explore what is changeless and what is contemporary in how we tell stories, and to provide a thoroughly entertaining evening for audiences of all kinds.

Cast and Crew: Ellen Adair*, Nat Cassidy*, Eric Gilde*, Anna O’Donoghue*, Patrick Mulryan*, Christopher Seiler* & Alexander Sovronsky*

Original music by Alexander Sovronsky
Costume Design by Mia Bienovich
Video Design by Bart Cortright
Technical Direction by Sean Gorski
Fight Direction by Ben Kahre
Lighting Design by Tyler M. Perry


by Muriel Louveau

April 18 | Gallery

Muriel Skana2






For this new incarnation of Skana, Muriel Louveau collaborates with artist David Irving Weiner who immerses the audience within the glow of underwater light refractions, producing sensations of weightlessness.

Emily Pope Blackman (member of WHITE WAVE,, Tiffany Mills, Hillary Easten Dance Companiesj) joins Muriel to create dance works in response to her singing .. Movement blends with projections echoing Muriel’s vocals ,surrounding transforming the viewers perception of time and space into a surreal experience.


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