November 1 – 3

An early 60s sexploitation movie bounces back to live in the staged adaptation written and produced by Robbie Robertson and directed by Mark Finley in conjunction with TOSOS.

With Brett Warwick, Jacqueline Sydney, James Nugent, Karen Stanion, Larry Bullock, Mary Louise Mooney, Paul Caiola, Robert Locke, Ron Bopst, Virginia Baeta.

Choreography: John Paolillo
Costume Designer: Anthony Catanzaro
Stage Manager: Stefany Sosa
Set Design: Spencer Rabon
Sound: Morry Campbell


14th Anniversary Season
October – November 2013

Manhattan Theatre Source presents a slate of full-length plays, short plays, visual art, dance, Girl Be Heard! and much more.





Boomerang Theatre Company
Three-Play Season
October 2013
Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-betweens
by Johnna Adams

Three extraneous Danish court officials: a professional loud mouth (the buttonholer), a kiss ass for hire (the lickspittle) and a successful dastard (the go-between) are tossed out of court just as Denmark’s merchant fleet becomes of strategic importance in the Napoleonic war. The three men journey to France and meet Napoleon’s top lickspittle, buttonholer and go-between, their female counterparts. Plots abound, flying machines are destroyed and the head of Marie Antoinette is discovered during the madcap struggle to save Copenhagen from British howitzers. The main characters speak in rhyming alexandrine verse, while a host of supporting characters converse in sestinas, haiku, free verse, limericks and sonnets. In a rhyming, metered world, the offbeat rules.
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by George Bernard Shaw
Young sensitive artist and poet Eugene Marchbanks’ ardent attentions towards Candida sow seeds of self-doubt within the heart of her self-indulgent pastor husband, the Reverend James Mavor Morell. Caught between loyalty and passion, it is Candida, Shaw’s New Woman, who shows both “her boys” basic truths about themselves.

To Fool the Eye
by Jeffrey Hatcher

Amanda, a poor hat maker from Paris, is invited to a chateau by an eccentric duchess to spend a weekend trying to make her suicidal nephew, Albert, forget about the death of his great love, the divine Leocadia. Amanda, it turns out, is a dead ringer for the dead woman, and if she can convince Albert that she is his lost love for just three days, then Albert just might not kill himself.


By Rosemary Moore
Directed by Ian Morgan
Starring Jan Leslie Harding, Gayton Scott, Richard Thieriot & Katherine Folk-Sullivan
October 2013

Subverting the conventions of naturalism, SIDE STREET is a surreal drama in which no one ages but cocktails are served, emotions are felt and soufflés are baked.  In this bewitched parallel universe long-dead Dora and her daughter Meg meet via a time travel portal under the awning of an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment building.  Dora seems to know that she has a few hours to live.  Meg nurses her dying mother and witnesses a family secret being put in place involving her mother’s passion and torn loyalty between her Navy lover and Meg’s father who is an officer in the Marines away in the Pacific.  SIDE STREET is a cubist rendering of Meg’s coming of age in middle age.

Scenic Design: Stephen Dobay
Costume Design: Lisa Renee Jordan
Lighting Design: Paul Toben
Sound Design: Katie Down
Music: Josh Shneider
Producer: Lanie Zipoy


Forward Flux Productions presents
by Scott McCarrey
directed by Patrick Pearson
July 11 – 14

When an inquisitive small-town reporter investigates the experiments of a mad scientist just outside the city limits, he makes an alarming discovery: a robot designed to bring about the end of the human race. However, the robot is more interested in composing and performing pop music than doing its creator’s bidding. Robot Songs is a comedic exploration of humanity’s relationship with technology as well as with itself, and the future of our evolution.

Cast: James Allerdyce, Aaron Gaines, Laura Kaldis, David Kenner, Carly Menkin, Ryan Nicolls, Spencer Plachy, J Reese, Sarah Ripper, Kellie Spill and Rebecca Tucker

The production team includes CJ Dockery (scenic, costumes, prop design), Joseph Naftal (lighting design), Abby Walsh (assistant art design), and Wesley Frugé (producer).


Performances May 23rd through June 2nd
Thursday through Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 5pm

In 1897, a man’s body is found in three separate pieces throughout Manhattan. To this day, the whereabouts of the head remain a mystery, preventing a confirmed identification. While someone was convicted and executed for the murder, numerous questions still remain. Where is this man’s head? What was the motive? And how did a flock of sick ducks lead detectives to the scene of the crime?

Directed by Julianna Rusakiewicz
Featuring Evan Luis Solana-Cardona, Audrey Mae DeRocker, and Josh Wolonick
Original music composed by Gordon Bartow
Sound Design Erin Breznitsky
Video Design Youn Jung Kim
Lighting Consultant Jithendra Seneviratne
Costume Design Audrey Mae DeRocker and Charlie Duncan
Properties John Michael Creenan


Presented by Theaterlab and The Physical Plant
Tuesday, April 23rd
6:30 – 9:30
RSVP: thephysicalplant@gmail.com

Dance takes over Theaterlab in an evening of drinks, performances, installations, & comedy!
Suggested $12/$15 includes a drink

Performances by The Physical Plant, Billy Schultz, Launch Movement Experiment, EmmaGrace Skove-Epes, Emily Jeffries/Trio Dance Collective, Shandoah Goldman (Theaterlab collaborate:create resident artist), Juna Skenderi, and Jackie Moynahan— followed by a dance party!

Proceeds fund The Physical Plant’s new dance works. www.karesia.com


A staged reading presented by SceneHouse Theater Productions
April 16th, 7:30 Memorial Day of Hungarian Holocaust Victims
Performed by Adam Boncz
Directed and Co-Created by Gia Forakis
Adapted by Andras Visky, Translated by Tim Wilkinson, Set/Costume by Lydia Andrioti, Lighting by Sarah Abigail Hoke-Brady, Production Assistant/Stage Manager: Lila Smith
FREE Admission, limited seating. www.fatelesstheplay.com   RSVP: info@fatelesstheplay.com

FATELESSNESS is a unique theatrical reading adapted from the novel of Imre Kertasz, the only Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning author, who is himself a survivor of the Nazi death camps. Performed by Hungarian actor Adam Boncz, the reading will also include music and images from the story’s era.

14-year-old Hungarian Jewish Kaves Gyuri is taken off a bus while going to work in a brickyard and sent to Buchenwald in the summer of 1944. In the concentration camp, he loses his childhood in finding starvation, selfishness, sickness and death.  Through the empathy and camaraderie among the other prisoners, Gyuri strives to find happiness and what it really means to be Jewish in the midst of hatred. Upon Gyuri’s return to Budapest a year later, he is left to ponder the impact of his experience alone and deal with his newly given identity.


Thursday, April 11, 2013 8pm
Tickets:$15 at the door or OvationTix, all tickets include your own copy of the new CD.

Songs, dances, drinks, and our brand new album!
It’s been a long time coming.
www.LoomEnsemble.com for more info.





April 1 & 2, 8pm
Written by Hossam Fahr
Performed by Asmaa Yehia
Directed by Tracy Cameron Francis
Co-Sponsored by Hybrid Theater Works
Tickets: $10 at Eventbrite

Amina’s™ Stories is a new translated stage adaptation of the award winning Egyptian short story collection by Hossam Fahr, combining traditional Egyptian storytelling techniques with modern staging and media. This new production will be performed by Egyptian scholar and actress Asmaa Yehia and directed by Egyptian-American director Tracy Cameron Francis. The collection was published in Egypt in 2007 to wide acclaim and speaks not only to the unique relationship of grandmother and grandchild, but also gives us a window into the culture and life of a generation of Egyptians that is quickly disappearing.




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