Nicole Renaud

Nicole Renaud has performed multiple times at Theaterlab. 

A multimedia performance

French singer and accordionist, Nicole Renaud, will perform songs from her new album “Couleurs”, a love story seen though colors.

Nicole accompanies herself on her new one-of-a-kind luminous transparent accordion, the lincordian, designed by British artist-engineer Paul Etienne Lincoln.



Performance party

Celebrate the holiday spirit at Theaterlab with a wonderful concert by NICOLE RENAUD, French soprano-accordionist. Under a star filled sky, Nicole will take the audience on an intimate musical journey through her favorite holiday music, from French and international Christmas carols to obscure winter songs.

She will sing accompanying herself on her lincordian, a one-of-a-kind luminous transparent accordion designed by British artist-engineer Paul Etienne Lincoln. Alex Tseytlin will join her with his violin, embellishing this minimalist meditative musical tableau with his lyrical motifs and countermelodies.

More magic will be brought through the multimedia tricks of Parisian video designer Jacques Perdigues and the special costume lighting by Charles Kouzoujian. Jacques Perdigues has worked in the field of theater (Victoria Chaplin, Aurélia Thiérrée) and fashion (John Galliano, Thierry Mugler).


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