The Emily Triptych

The Emily Triptych

Dates/Time: 07/23/17
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Gallery

Category: Theater

Bad Neighbour Theatre presents
July 23rd at 11am | 2pm | 6pm
Limited Seating
Tickets: $10 HERE

The Emily Triptych is a translation into drama of something drama often overlooks: the stillness and silence from which great thoughts proceed, and with them, great words. It is an opening up of deep introspection – its language, its patterns, its idiosyncratic beauty – to the external eye. It is an effort to create an atmosphere in which Emily’s thought, and her poems, can live.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) spent most of her adult life in extreme isolation. Yet this isolation gave birth to over a thousand poems, many of them the best our language has to offer. From the bedroom, kitchen, corridors of her Amherst house, she loved, and philosophised, and questioned God with a voice that is both familiar and alienating. Domestic and cosmic. Feminine, rebellious, and strange.

Our project meets her at three points in her day: morning, noon, and night. One cycle of the Triptych takes place over an entire day, and consists of three one-hour segments – of which audience members choose one to attend. It is performed in a white room with windows, and lit by the light of the world outside.