Restorative Contact

Restorative Contact

Dates/Time: 02/15/20
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Theaterlab training and study series

Gabrielle Revlock presents
Workshop Fee: $16-$24 At the door 

Developed by Gabrielle Revlock, Restorative Contact is a gentle, all levels class composed of passive contact poses designed to regenerate, replenish and reset the body and mind. In class we will work in partners, guided through a floor-based sequence of touch and weight-sharing, using a variety of surfaces of the body. Deep relaxation has been shown to help with anxiety, insomnia, digestion, fertility and high blood pressure. The effects of touch are far-reaching, including emotional, physical, and cognitive wellbeing and improvement. Open to all levels and experiences with movement.

What should I wear?
Comfortable, loose fitting clothing, without zippers and buttons is ideal (i.e. sweatpants). Please wear a shirt that covers your midriff and chest.

Is this open to couples?
Yes, but you will be encouraged to partner with someone other than your partner. Please know that this class is strictly non-sexual.

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