Relational Acting Technique Workshop

Relational Acting Technique Workshop

Dates/Time: 11/16/18 - 11/18/18
All Day

Space: Theaterlab | Theater


This FREE 3-day workshop is presented as a part of Theaterlab’s Celebrate the Artist series – featuring founder of the Italian theatre company Teatro del Disìo, Chiara Cimmino and Valerio Vittorio Garaffa.

Relational Acting Technique fuses the European theatrical tradition – such as the use of masks and improvisation – with modern relational psychoanalysis.

During Relational Acting Technique workshop you will experience the relationship between your movements and your emotions.


We start with how you move—how you move in your everyday life, how you physically place yourself in relation to others and to the space around you.

It’s a physical training that we call “daily life training”.

Then, we focus on masks. The mask is the most powerful medium through which to work on what we call micro-moments.

The workshop is all about play and discovery. Through play, you will discover how to master the art of acting the micro-moments.

It will make the difference between a good performance and great performance!

Friday, Nov 16: 6-9 PM

Saturday, Nov 17: 11-3

Sunday, Nov 18: 11-3

Email for more information and to reserve your spot!