Rasen | Funeral 2

Rasen | Funeral 2

Dates/Time: 05/26/18
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Theaterlab Presents

Theaterlab presents
Live painting by Naoki Iwakawa
Live sound by Ikue Mori
Video by Jay Eckardt & Koji Ohwada
Saturday, May 26th at 8pm
Tickets: $15 in advance HERE, $20 at the door

Theaterlab presents Rasen | Funeral 2, the final installment of Naoki Iwakawa‘s performance painting series. For this performance, Iwakawa will partner with musician Ikue Mori, the former drummer of DNA. The evening will feature video projection by Jay Eckardt and Koji Ohwada.

Iwakwa’s “Funeral” series was created in commemoration of the artist’s longtime friend Tim Wright, a member of the influential No Wave band DNA. Iwakawa and Wright collaborated for nearly two decades, until Wright passed away in 2013. In the “Funeral” series, a single canvas is painted multiple times, creating an object with layers of hidden paintings beneath the surface. The contours of each previous painting have unexpected effects upon the next. There are layers inspired by death, as well as layers inspired by the natural phenomenon of the spiral, or Rasen in Japanese. The foundation of the piece is the incorporation of the deceased’s clothes and ashes. By using these materials that once held life, Iwakawa explores the contrast between the illusory nature of art and the hard reality of death and impermanence that governs our natural world. 

The “Funeral” project has changed forms across several painting sessions, some taking place in public, and others occurring in the privacy of nature. Iwakawa video records these sessions and projects them onto a canvas during his live performances, as a way to show the audience the history behind the work. In this final session, Rasen | Funeral 2, Iwakawa strives to paint with an uninhibited yet neutral mind state, accepting the flaws and surprises he encounters in each moment.