Puppets in Zones of Conflict

Puppets in Zones of Conflict

Dates/Time: 10/19/19
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Theaterlab Presents

Lecture by Moti Brecher, Puppeteer and researcher
Saturday, October 19th at 5pm | FREE
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Israeli puppeteer Moti Brecher’s lecture presents examples of the ways in which Puppet Theatre serves as a platform for processing and coping with everyday life in a conflicted environment, in this case, the politically and socially charged environment of the Middle East.


Puppet theatre has traditionally been a medium that enabled people to communicate “Explosive” subjects. Dating back to Punch and Judy in the early renaissance, through the Erotic puppet theatre in 19th century France, and even Sesame Street, Puppet Theatre served as a platform for criticism and catharsis – in places where people found it difficult to speak out their thoughts and emotions.


In this talk Brecher will examine several examples of puppeteering within the framework of a conflicted situation, and present the ways in which puppets enabled an open-minded discourse under restraining circumstances. The talk will present examples for subversive and critical use of puppetry from different countries in the Middle East.