Dates/Time: 12/10/15 - 12/20/15
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Independent Production

December 10 – 20, 2015
Thursday – Saturday at 8pm | Sunday at 3pm
Tickets: $15 HERE

Winner of the 2014-15 Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers

For the 2014-15 Award, the judges were unanimous in selecting Khadijah’s play, NON SEQUITUR. We found it experimental in conception, language and performance approach, and by turns hilarious and moving. The play had a sold-out reading at the New Ohio Theater in November 2014. See our new dedicated website at

Khadijah’s play NON SEQUITUR is a high theatrical challenge – its dozens of characters have voices on multiple registers: the voices in our heads, under our breaths, on our voicemail, hard to have to listen to, hilarious voices, blurted voices, bodily voices, but compact, searing, terse, not clamorous. They form an absurdity only too recognizable. This is our own experience and others’ in bed together, our conscious and unconscious lives. Prejudice and pain, slapstick and delicacy. Her deftness of touch is masterful. In each line we live a life.

Uninhibitedly funny and raucously sharp, Non-Sequitur presents a chorus of figures and objects carrying on apparently unrelated conversations in a shifting landscape of interiors. The characters’ observations about the world, at once senseless and sensing, invite the audience to fill in the gaps between rhetoric and truth.

Cast: Lenora Champagne, Danielle Davenport, Helga Davis, Dawn Saito, Yon Tande, Zselyke Tarnai, David Thomson

Writer: Khadijah Queen

Director: Fiona Templeton

Lighting Designer – Jeff Nash
Costumes: Liz Prince