Dates/Time: 09/22/15
8:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Dance

Theaterlab presents
JOURNEY by Muriel Louveau
September 22nd at 8pm

Journey by Muriel Louveau will combine 2 theatrical pieces that both share the similar theme of straddling the space between light and darkness , wakefulness and sleep transforming the viewers perception of time and space into a surreal experience.

Mary Shelley project is a new piece in collaboration with artist Autumn Kioti which reaches back in Time to explore , commune with and inhabit the dreamscapes of the author of Frankenstein.

Muriel and Autumn will create a musical dance theatre tying some biographical, contextual and fictional elements together into an emergent whole.

Muriel will also present a new staged version of Skana, The music , taken from the album written by M Louveau and american composer Charles Kim is inspired by far off lands,foreign languages and coming from liturgical as well as poetic sources.

Emily Pope Blackman (member of WHITE WAVE, Douglas Dunn, Tiffany Mills, Hillary Easten dance companies)joins Muriel to create dance works in response to her singing , echoing to the variable tones reflected in Muriel’s voice and blending with ethereal , watery lighting atmospheres

Journey celebrates Poetry merging with sound and dance, while creating a sense of immersion into the dream. The over-all effect is like a poetic, meditative, audio/visual wave.

Tickets: $20