Hotel New Work

Hotel New Work

Dates/Time: 04/06/14
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Theaterlab Presents

HOTEL NEW WORK: Open Studio for Live Arts

Sundays 3-6pm

February 23 | March 9 | March 23 | April 6

Tickets: $15.00 | Package of all 4: $40.00


Theaterlab presents Hotel New Work, a curated series that takes a close look at making, seeing, discussing theatre and dance works in an open studio setting.

Hotel New Work is the room we crave, however transitory, where to unpack and display ideas and practices in a creative dialogue between artist and spectator.

First segment : February 23, 2014 “Revealing  Dances”: 4 installments conceived by Melissa Riker of Kinesis Project and Jeremy Williams of Convergences Theatre Collective.

Revealing-DancesRevealing Dances invites you directly into moments of creation. The doors will be opened to each company’s rehearsal process, and you are invited in. You’ll get to move between 2 studios as the creative teams from Convergences Theatre Collective and Kinesis Project respectively give life to Babel and Secrets and Seawalls.

At each step of this 4 weeks process, audience and artists together will have the opportunity to share feedback and engage in creative conversations on crucial topics for collaborative art making.

Choose to see the whole process, one session or multiple days, but stop by and engage in this dialogue with us.

About Secrets and Seawalls:
Created and choreographed by Melissa Riker. Secrets and Seawalls springs from the artist’s curiosity about New York City’s seawalls that protect the land from the sea. Through research and collaboration with architect Lee H.Skolnick, Secrets and Seawalls threads intimate and daring choreography with architectural, and deeply human, concepts of space and vulnerability.

About Babel:
Created by WT McRae/Tiny Giraffe and Jeremy Williams/Convergence Theater Collective. Babel  is an acrobatic-dance theater piece that explores The Tower of Babel Myth from the bible. It explores the human desire to create, the role of language in success, and the challenges of diversity.



Founded in 2001 by Melissa Riker as a vehicle for choreographic invention and collaboration, Kinesis Project is a dance organization that produces dance concerts, facilitates educational programs and creates site specific performances with diverse communities. Kinesis Project produces work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly. The company pushes the boundaries of what changes space and people by placing movement and stillness in surprising spaces. For more information, visit

Convergences Theatre Collective is a group of pioneering theatre artists dedicated to creating original work and re-envisioning classics. Current projects include Shameless- a highly sensual adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, Nina with Boris- a new play inspired by Chekhov’s The Seagull, Darger- a multi-sensory, immersive experience into the world of visual artist and writer Henry Darger, Custom of the Country – a delightful adaption of the Jacobean comedy of sexual manners and mistaken identity, From the Realm of the Shadow- a dance-theatre production of Chris Mohr’s epic music drama. CTC was recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered for a reading of Court Dorsey’s Project Unspeakable. CTC is the endeavor of Jeremy Williams to create an organization that serves the many collaborative relationships that contribute to fulfilling the mission of CTC. Williams serves as Founding Director, setting the artistic agenda, creative strategy, and producing vision. For more about CTC please visit