Celebrate the Artist with Moti Brecher

Celebrate the Artist with Moti Brecher

Dates/Time: 10/10/19
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Gallery


Celebrate the Artist is one of Theaterlab’s oldest and most valued programs, in which we celebrate an international theater artist and introduce them to New York audiences by presenting workshops, performances, and, most importantly, a Theaterlab-style wine and snacks reception. The program aims to connect visiting international artists in transit with the New York artistic community to promote cultural exchange.

On October 10, we welcome Moti Brecher – a puppeteer, actor-creator, and teacher from Tel Aviv whose main activity focuses on the points of contact between the fields of art, education, stage, and screen. In his works, Brecher uses  puppets he designs to dramatize performances that combine autobiographical details with political and historical events, in a visual language that draws inspiration from the fields of art and the media.

Brecher has written and produced dozens of shows and performances for adults and children. He has participated in several museum exhibitions, presented a solo exhibition, initiated and directed community projects. He wrote satirical television sketches and played in the television series Srugim and Stisselmotibrecher.com

Brecher’s new puppet play, A Ghost Tale, will play in our Theater October 17-19.

RSVP to the Celebrate the Artist reception on Thursday, October 10 by emailing theaterlab36@gmail.com.