Celebrate the Artist – Cocktail Party

Celebrate the Artist - Cocktail Party

Dates/Time: 11/08/18
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Gallery


This week, we are excited to bring back one of our favorite programs, Celebrate the Artist, with the Italian company Teatro del Disìo.

Celebrate the Artist is a series designed to introduce our audiences to transient international companies through a cocktail party meet-n-greet where you can get to know the artists and their work. Previously, Celebrate the Artist has hosted Portuguese Duende dancer and choreographer Carolina Fonseca and the revolutionary Italian theatre company Motus.

This week, we’re excited to welcome Teatro del Disìo, an Italian theatre company founded in 2011 by Valerio Vittorio Garaffa and Chiara Cimmino. Their mission is to lead actors and audiences on a journey of rediscovery of European acting techniques. They offer classes and workshops on Commedia dell’arte and masks, the “mimic method”, acting and Italian diction for opera singers, Greek tragedy, and Dante’s Divine Comedy.