Between the Seas: Mediterranean Platform

Between the Seas: Mediterranean Platform

Dates/Time: 05/16/19 - 05/19/19
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Space: Theaterlab | Theater

Category: Dance

May 16 – 22
Tickets: HERE

A four-day platform showcasing the diversity of contemporary Mediterranean performing arts and bridging the Mediterranean and New York. 

Sardegna Teatro: Giovanna Detta Anche Primavera 
Sardinia, Italy. Theatre performance. Thu 5/16 at 8pm
A storytelling performance inspired by director Valentino Mannias’ family history, enriched with traditional Sardinian singing. (

Rebecca Thomas – A Palo Seco Flamenco 
New York. Flamenco performance. Fri 5/17 at 8pm
One of BTS’ most popular artists, returns with new work partly inspired by the #MeToo movement .

Sara Pischedda/Dalit Agronin
Italy/New York. In this double bill, the two choreographers engage with questions and definitions of beauty and the societal pressures on appearance. Sat 5/18 at 5pm

Jeton Neziraj: The Internationals 
Kosovo/Greece/New York. Theatre performance. Sat 5/18; Mon 5/20, Tues 5/21 & Wed 5/22 at 8pm
Political cabaret, anarchic satire, this BTS production of one of the Balkans’ most important playwrights, explores the Kosovo war.

Saviana Stanescu: New York with an Accent 
New York. Lecture Performance. Sun 5/19 at 5pm
On the occasion of the 30 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall, this lecture performance by the award-winning Romanian playwright revisits the experience of being an immigrant artist in post 9/11 New York. 

Sahar Assaf: No Demand No Supply: A Rereading of Lebanon’s Sex Trafficking Scandal
Lebanon. Documentary Theatre Performance. Sunday 5/19 at 8pm. 
No Demand No Supply tells the story of four Syrian women who survived the biggest sex-trafficking network in the history of Lebanon in 2016. Using the words of the women, it sheds light on the sex-buyers who frequented the two brothels in East Beirut where the women were kept captive for years. 
No late seating