Carolina Fonseca

Theaterlab has developed and presented three new works by Carolina Fonseca, Portuguese Duende dancer and choreographer.

2182710pore1The World Premiere of
Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca
Created & Choreographed by Carolina Fonseca
With Video by Tiago Mata Angelino & Music by Sinan Gündogdu

Federico Garcia Lorca was a student at Columbia University in 1929-30 when he wrote Poet in New York, a collection of poems inspired by New York City. Eighty years later, Gypsy Duende dancer Carolina Fonseca of Portugal has created her latest dance piece – a cohesive mix of Gypsy and Flamenco styles — as a tribute to Garcia Lorca’s astonishing, yet caustic work and a testament to her own experiences as a foreign artist living in New York City.

A Poet in New York, An Homage to Garcia Lorca explores the idea of what is to be a poet as well as what it is like being the poem. The piece delves into Garcia’s life in New York and the rhythms, phrases, and the heartbeat of his poetry. Fonseca’s work also confronts the velocity of life in the Big Apple, the whirlwind of people, images, and ideas. And once again asks what is the connection between the art and the artist.

The creative team includes Sara Baldocchi Byrne (scenic and costume design), Sinan Gündogdu (original music) and Tiago Mata Angelino (video installation).

Lorca4The World Premiere of

Carolina Fonseca returns to Theaterlab with her new show inspired by the work of Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca. Part contemporary Flamenco show. Part dance poetry. Be transported to 1930s Spain and experience the rush of Duende.
Choreographed and performed by Carolina Fonseca
with music by Sinan Gundogdu and Michaela Lind.



Front postcard with bleedThe World Premiere of
Created, interpreted and danced by Carolina Fonseca
Live music interpretation & performance: Hamidreza Maleki
Video installation: Pedro Maia

This show is an immersion into the world of the dead and the living, and also on the process between the two. Death itself, its expansion, depth and magnificence is considered here as a study and compilation of different perspectives (or religions), namely Buddhist, Christian and Sufi (…). The show is divided into three acts: Life, the Between and the Death of a Dancer.

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